Since being introduced to Tableau in March 2016, I have been trying to absorb as much information about the product as possible. There is a lot to take in and new blog posts and videos are created on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming, so this blog aims to organise, consolidate and share the content which has aided my learning in an easy to digest format for newcomers to Tableau.

For each topic, I aim to include links to videos, blog posts and example workbooks to give readers a broad understanding of each subject matter. I hope that this one-stop-shop enables more people to more easily access the range of great content that exists, and in an organised manner.

All original content creators are clearly credited, with links to the original source always supplied and to their Twitter accounts where applicable. Those are the people whose tireless efforts enable ordinary people to get to grips with Tableau.

With the amount of fresh content that is published about Tableau, I’ll aim to update posts on a regular basis. Please feel free to notify me of new content I’ve missed, great new workbooks demonstrating use of a particular feature, or if any of the linked articles and videos are down.

Best regards,