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A cycle plot (Cleveland, Dunn, and Terpenning, 1978) shows both the cycle or trend and the day-of-the-week or the month-of-the-year effect. Thus the cycle plot retains the strengths more common plots  without either of their weaknesses.



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Andy’s blog post to accompany the above video is here:

Jock MacKinlay‘s post from way back in 2008 includes links to a sample workbook:

Bill Saltmarsh includes a video in his post:

Whilst Robert Rouse refers to Cycle plots in this article:

Example workbooks

2016 IronViz champion Curtis Harris made use of a Cycle plot, so if that’s not a good enough reason to use one, I don’t know what is! Here’s the winning submission:!/vizhome/TheSlowDeclineoftheNewYorkCityYellowTaxi/IVHAR