Charts using icons or shapes to represent a quantity.


Blog posts

Chris Love at The Information Lab provided this blog post:

Emily Chen at the Data School shared this great post. Whilst I couldn’t find any videos of this chart type being constructed, Emily’s post goes include a brief .gif file or two:

Ryan Sleeper has also written about this chart type:

Andy Kriebel shares how to create unit charts in tooltips, written by his guest poster Rody Zakovich:

Example workbooks

This from Andy Kriebel is arguably a form of unit chart / dot plot (at least in my head it is!):!/vizhome/WomensRightsCountrybyCountry/WomensRights

A more conventional interpretation is this, by Chris Love (taken from his blog post):!/vizhome/ExampleUnitChart/UnitChartDashboard

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 18.39.20