Andy Kirk said here:

The typical application for using a slopegraph is for a before and after story. Its key value is that it provides several lines of interrogation in one single chart, revealing ranking, magnitude and changes over time.


Starting with Andy Kriebel:

Continuing with Andy:

And ending with Andy!

Updated 26/07/2016 with another video from Andy about slopegraphs, this time looking at some formatting specifics, including adding vertical lines, and some labelling that had me confused for longer than it should have:

Blog posts

Ryan Sleeper‘s “Tableau 201” series includes this:

Jonathan Drummey showed this interesting combination of bars and slopes in a Sankey-esque chart type:

Ben Jones‘ post is really detailed and easy to follow:

Whilst Andy Kriebel’s post from back in 2013 is equally well articulated:

In June 2018, Brian Graves wrote up this comprehensive guide:

Example workbooks

Another prevalent chart type, as it is effective and simple to create in its basic form.

Andy Cotgreave‘s #MakeoverMonday submission includes some nice slopes:!/vizhome/CorruptionIndex_1/CPIAndy

Rob Suddaby created a small-multiple slope:!/vizhome/Frommillionstobillions/Dashboard

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 20.31.11