Hard to define! A sort of triple-axis combination of a pie-chart, a bar chart and a tree map. To better get a sense of the chart type, please explore the blog posts section below.


A video uploaded by SAF Business Analytics masquerades as a “sunburst chart”, but it’s still a Radial as far as I’m concerned:

Blog posts posted this article back in 2013:

Bora Beran‘s post is likely the most referred to when aiming to recreate this type of chart:

Roberto Reif shared a wonderfully in-depth post extending this concept into polygons:

Example workbooks

Bora’s example is available on Tableau Public, and it explores three variants of a radial chart:

The Interworks example is here:!/vizhome/BLOG-RadialBarChart/RadialChart

Adam McCann uploaded this brilliant use case for the chart type:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 20.10.49