Often in Tableau, Marks stack in a way that doesn’t allow the data to “breathe”. Jittering allows users to spread data in a way that gives visibility of more data, without compromising sight of the referential positioning on the axis. In short – it spreads out your dots.


As far as I can tell, no video content is currently available where jittering is explicitly the main topic. I stand corrected if people can provide links for inclusion!

Blog posts

First post is from Data Revelations and brilliantly demonstrates the impact of jittering on a tight, vertical scatterplot:

Data Revelations also posted this article:

Jeffrey Shaffer provides this richly detailed post:

And Mark Jackson reveals the power of the RANDOM() function:

Ryan Sleeper gives his typically well presented view on the subject:

Example workbooks

Jeremy Poole is another regular #MakeoverMonday contributor with an eye for design, and clear technical Tableau expertise. His jittered Viz is here:!/vizhome/HistoryofFamousPeopleMakeoverMonday/FamousPeople

Andy Cotgreave‘s #MakeoverMonday submission that same week make equally appropriate use of Tableau jitter:!/vizhome/Priestley/ChartofBiography

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