Pie charts are often regarded as a no-no in the data visualisation world, but the donut chart is fractionally more palatable (circumstance depending). Basically a standard pie chart, but with a small overlaid white pie chart to create a ring donut effect.

*I feel obliged to correct the spelling to doughnut 🙂


SAF Business Analytics uploaded this YouTube summary:

Data Zombiez started a YouTube channel in December 2016, including this clip on Donuts:

Blog posts

A Knowledge Base article is here:

Ryan Sleeper improves on that, with his comprehensive guide:

Interworks posted a short article about good / bad use cases for donut charts:

Andy Kriebel‘s detailed article guides you through the process of creating “KPI donut charts”:

Example workbooks

A great example with a downloadable workbook is from Andy Kriebel:!/vizhome/OrlandoMassShooting/Desktop

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