Dual-axis line / circle charts.


It’s an Andy Kriebel double:

Make that a treble! Andy added another video in December 2016:

Blog posts

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Ryan Sleeper shared this in October 2016:

Example workbooks

Another chart type that went thorough a bit of a boom period, so plenty of examples available on Tableau Public to download and explore:

Pooja Gandhi created this Viz as part of the #MakeoverMonday experiment:

Chris Love devised this creative one:!/vizhome/FromMillionstoBillions/Dashboard

And Andy Kriebel competes the examples of this chart type:!/vizhome/StephCurryShooting/StephCurry

A fantastic #MakeoverMonday example is from Lindsey Poulter:!/vizhome/OrlandoKillings/Dashboard

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 20.04.20