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Bullet graphs improve on the bar chart by providing additional points of comparison. For example, in addition to showing a bar for widget sales, a bullet graph would also include a point of comparison that shows either last year’s sales or a target sales amount. Further, bullet graphs will include shading to illustrate how close your sales number is to last year’s number or your target.


A YouTube video from DataChampions:

And an example from Tableau:

Blog Posts

This post is courtesy of Ryan Sleeper:

Tableau Online Help provides this post:

Whilst Carly Capitula at Interworks again provides great additional context:

Freakalytics’ post shares some handy tips to enhance the impact of a bullet chart:

Example workbooks

A number of basic examples can be found on Tableau Public, including this by Ashley Lew:!/vizhome/BulletGraphStarter/SalesActualvs_Budget

And this from Chris Gerrard:


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