Tooltips in Tableau can show bar charts using a cunning combination of ASCII characters and calculated fields.


Ben Moss shares his solution here. Brace yourself for the music!

Another YouTube example is below. Especially handy if you’re Swedish! If not, don’t worry as the video is still clear enough to show the interaction with Tableau needed to yield the required results:

Blog posts

There are a few blog posts regarding this subject and a couple are linked below, starting with one from the Knowledge Base:

Ben Moss accompanied his earlier video with a blog post:

Andy Cotgreave posted this way back in 2010:

Example workbooks

The inevitable contribution from Andy Kriebel arrives in workbook form! Another product of the #MakeoverMonday experiment where Andy incorporates bar charts nicely in his tooltips:!/vizhome/USChildrenWell-Being/HeatMap

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 17.07.09